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Revenue Sharing

Cash.jpgOur revenue sharing program offers the most up-to-date equipment the entertainment and music industry has to offer in a plethora of different categories for Taverns and Family Entertainment Centers and MORE!

Jukeboxes are one of the most reliable forms of entertainment that can be offered in your establishment. Jukeboxes allow you and the customer to set the mood of your business all while making you money and the customer happy. Our incredibly reliable state of the art jukeboxes keep the hits playing, even for your customers who don't want to leave their seats. With smart phone apps playing the Jukebox has never been easier or faster! We have the advanced sound equipment and service to install a terrific sound system and support it and our partnership for years to come!

ATM Service is an additional opportunity we offer because we know it is an established way to increase your bottom line. With revenue sharing based on usage you may be able to add to your bottom line. You will also have reduced credit card fees at your register. All of this with no cost to you!

Dart Boards and Pool Tables are always a standby in taverns and bars. They are a great way to draw in new business and keep clients coming back for a little friendly competition with new and old friends alike. We also offer a strong league program for both Darts and Pool.

  • Darts we offer many different leagues to keep shooters entertained. We are also able to enter your players into some of the most lucrative tournaments and leagues in the nation; including The Pearl Vodka Tournament of Champions.
  • Pool leagues are sanctioned in both Indiana and Michigan with many pool players going to their home state tournament twice a year.

Our strong league programs are a great addition to any watering hole!

Games for both Kids and kids at heart!

Claw machines are a hit will all ages!  We have crane machines that are vending everything from stuffed animals to licensed logo basketballs we know we can offer your customers a prize they will love!

For the kids we offer Ticket Redemption games like the amazing Big Bass Wheel! And the fascinating Space Ballz!

And for adults we offer Golden Tee Live, Silver Strike Bowler, Bar top touch screen games!

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