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Diltz IT Rewards

Where We Reward Our Players!

Congratulations you have come to the Diltz IT Rewards Page for Golden Tee Live, Power Putt Live, and Silver Strike Live!

Please read the following information carefully so you understand why we need your information. 

Incredible Technologies does not give us your personal information and so that we can send you your winnings you must register with us via email.  We ask that you take just a few minutes to register with us just this one time by mail or email.  If your address changes you must call our office so we can update our records.  We must receive your form by the last day of the contest for your stats to count; any forms turned in after a contest has ended will not be counted for the prior rewards period.   

These rules apply to all Diltz IT games and by sending us your IT Rewards Registration you are agreeing to these terms.  You must sign up for the Diltz IT rewards program to be entered. ALL details must be included and accurate to receive your rewards.  You must play on a Diltz & Sons Live IT machine.  A Player Card or Credit Card must be used to identify yourself.  Only COMPLETED 18 hole games of Stats Play and Live Play or full 10 Frame games of bowling play count towards our contests and rewards programs.  At this time ‘Daily Contest’ play does NOT apply to the Diltz IT Rewards Program.  IT Gift Cards can only be used on Diltz & Sons Machines.  We need the following information in this order and the information must be accurate for us to get your reward to you as quickly as possible.  It can take 2 to 4 weeks for you to receive your IT gift card in the mail so please be patient.  IT rewards rules CAN be changed at ANYTIME. 

Please fill out the form and Mail a hard copy to

Diltz IT Rewards
Diltz & Sons LLP
213 N Main St.
Mishawaka, IN 46544


Email a copy to
Subject line must be titled: ‘Diltz IT Rewards Registration’

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