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FEC & Bowling

Diltz is a start to finish game room operator that buys, maintains, repairs, and splits revenue through profit sharing in several dozen game rooms, bowling centers, and Family Entertainment Centers throughout Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan.  Diltz purchases the best games from leading manufacturers through the country’s best distributors.  Diltz provides the best games in the industry from manufacturers like: Andamiro, BayTek, Bench Mark, Betson, Elaut, ICE, LAI, Sega, Smart, Stern, Team Play, TouchTunes, and Valley Dynamo. The best and most reliable arcade machines are expensive pieces of equipment, but a partnership with Diltz keeps you from being permanently tied to specific games. Diltz gives you the opportunity for a healthy rotation of games, protecting yourself from losing thousands on an underperforming game. Diltz offers service 365 days a year to ensure your machines are always working, and Diltz’s team of expert technicians all have many, many years of experience. 

Not only does Diltz keep a Family Entertainment Center or Bowling Center from incurring costs with a game room, we split the profit these machines earn, which makes a partnership with Diltz a real revenue generating opportunity for your business with no financial risk.  

Redemption Games

Diltz offers games of every kind to complete your game room.  The most popular category of game is a redemption game, which allow customers to play a game to win tickets that can be redeemed for prizes.  Customers of all ages enjoy playing redemption machines, while winning endless amounts of tickets while doing so.  After collecting tickets from games, the fun is not over. These customers now have the opportunity to redeem the tickets they have won for prizes from the redemption counter.  Diltz also offers the latest video games and crane machines with the most popular prizes and toys.  Action games like air hockey, skee-ball, boxing machines, and pop-a-shot basketball machines are timeless favorites.  Diltz’s expertise and decades of experience in this industry guarantees endless fun for your customers. Diltz gives your customers variety and the ability to appeal to all of the specific age groups that come to your center.  

Embed & Amusement Connect Card System

Coin operated machines have been an industry standard for decades, but card systems like Amusement Connect and Embed have opened doors to faster customer spending, discounted game pricing, and less down time.  Customers no longer need to go to a change machine to exchange bills for quarters or tokens to play games, they can now buy a reloadable game card that stores their game credits and tickets on their card.  Cards drives faster play and repeat business as the credits and tickets never expire and more credits can be loaded onto a card at any time.  Card systems allow special promotions to be run and special priced game cards for birthday parties and corporate events.  Another major advantage of the card system is the limited down time due to coin jams and ticket jams ensuring games are working during the busiest hours of operation.  Best of all, Diltz will install and operate these card systems with no out of pocket cost to your business.